vDot modems

Voice Dialing over Tones (vDot™)

A PC equipped with a vDot enabled modem has capability to provide high accuracy, low cost voice enabled dialing throughout a home on existing telephones and wiring.

vDot enabling technology is included in new and upgradeable standard modems via the extended 'AT' control command AT+VLS=20. Modems with support for the command AT+VLS=20 provide ability for a PC processor to acquire speech audio on a telephone line during the pre-dialing period indicated by a presence of Dialtone.

Compatible software on a PC is expected to execute the DTE to DCE command below to engage vDot mode on a modem:


For technical information of +VLS command from TIA/EIA-695 standard access www.tiaonline.org

For technical specification for implementation of AT+VLS=20 contact technical@voicedial.org

Modem products with vDot technology are expected to be available in U.S. domestic retail in Q2 2000. A partial list follows of companies that have implemented vDot, or have existing products that are memory upgradeable to vDot technology

Manufacturer Modem Model
Askey International, Various OEM USB/EXTERNAL
Best Data Products , Smart One Series SMART ONE USB, ISA, EXTERNAL
Creative Labs, Digicom ISA,EXTERNAL
Diamond Multimedia, Supra series ISA,EXTERNAL
Olitec Modems, Total Office series EXTERNAL

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